27C400 TL866 Adaptor

27C400 TL866 Adaptor
Fig. 1: 27C400 TL866 Adaptor

This adapter allows you to read or write 27C400 EPROMs using a cheap TL866 EPROM burner. It works with original and clone versions of the popular TL866 EPROM burner as well as all of its variants.


The TL866 line of EPROM burners doesn't natively support the 27C400 EPROM, this is why an adaptor is required. You will have to set your software to use 27C4096 as the IC, disable “Check ID” and lower the “Puls Delay” to 50us

  • Change IC to AM27C4096
  • Uncheck “Check ID”
  • Set “Puls Delay” to 50us



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