C64 Case Saver

C64 Case Saver Standoffs
Fig. 1: C64 Case Saver Standoffs
C64 Case Saver Posts
Fig. 2: C64 Case Saver Posts
C64 Case Saver Clips
Fig. 3: C64 Case Saver Clips


The Commodore 64 is beloved by many. Most of the Commodore 64s are close to 40 years old. The plastic used in their cases has started to become brittle. Screw posts are cracking, case clips snap and the motherboard standoffs split.

To keep you 64 feeling young again, we bring you our C64 Case Saver line of repair parts. A perfect way to breathe some new life into your C64!


Remove old standoff
Fig. 4: Remove old standoff

First step is to remove any broken standoff. This is best achieved by using a razor based scraper. This will allow you to remove the old standoff at its base without damaging your case.

Roughen the area
Fig. 5: Roughen the area

Next you want to roughen the area where you will be placing your new standoff. This allows the glue to create a solid bond to the new standoff.

Slip in the rod
Fig. 6: Slip in the rod
Add some glue
Fig. 7: Add some glue

Slide the alignment rod through the standoff and add some glue to the bottom of the standoff. It is best to use a good quality cyanoacrylate (super) glue.

The previous step of roughening up the area around the standoff will create a strong bond with the new standoff.

Slip the rod into the hole
Fig. 8: Slip the rod into the hole
Press down firmly
Fig. 9: Press down firmly

Line up the alignment rod with the hole in your case from the previous standoff. The will ensure that the new standoff lines up perfectly with the old one.

Once you have the alignment rod in the hole, slide down the standoff and put some pressure on it while removing the alignment rod.

Keep pressure on the standoff for as long as your glue requires.

All done!
Fig. 10: All done!

You are done. Enjoy a well secured Commodore 64 motherboard.

Post Support

Fig. 11: Post
Post Support
Fig. 12: Post Support

This one couldn't be easier.

Slip some good quality cyanoacrylate (super) glue into the post support, slide the post support over the cracked post and apply some pressure until your glue cures.

All done.

Case Clips

Remove old clip
Fig. 13: Remove old clip

Using a small file, make sure you remove any of the plastic from the old clip. The idea is to make sure the old clip has been removed and the area is level with the rest of the case.

Glue new clip
Fig. 14: Glue new clip

Add some good quality cyanoacrylate (super) glue to the inside of your new replacement clips.

Install new clip
Fig. 15: Install new clip

Slip your new clip over the old clip making sure than the new clip overhang is securely pressed against the lip of the case. Apply some firm pressure until your glue cures.

Enjoy your newly repaired Commodore 64 case! Add some good quality cyanoacrylate (super) glue to the inside of your new replacement clips.