A630 Rev. 2

A630 Rev. 2
Fig. 1: A630 Rev. 2

CPU: MC68030, clocked at 50MHz
Space: Zorro III
Speed: 10.50 Mips


To prevent any shorts that may occur between the bottom pins of the 68030 on the A630 and the Amiga 600's motherboard, we include a small foam insulating pad that needs to be placed over the top of the oscillator located at X1.

Foam Insulator
Fig. 2: Foam Insulator

Make sure the entire top of the oscillator at X1 is covered with the foam insulator as in the picture below.

Foam Insulator Installed
Fig. 3: Foam Insulator Installed

The next step is to line up the A630 reverse PLCC socket over the top of the MC68000 on the Amiga 600 and press down firmly on the centre of the socket with your thumb.

Properly Installed A630
Fig. 4: Properly Installed A630

If the card is installed properly, it should adhere firmly to the Amiga 600's motherboard and have no give in it. The A630 will not come in contact with any component on the Amiga 600's motherboard except for the oscillator located at X1, hence why we supply a foam insulation pad to prevent any short circuits.

Software Requirements

In order to use the A630 with Worbench, you will need to install an MMU library. If you are running Amiga OS 3.2, please install the MMULib package that came with the installation media. For older versions of Amiga OS, you can download MMULib from Aminet.

For demos and games that have issues when running on a 68030, you can disable CPU CACHE for better compatibility with the MC68000.