C64 Freeload

C64 FreeLoad
Fig. 1: C64 FreeLoad

The C64 FreeLoad is a clone of the Epyx Fast Load and supports floppy drives, SD2IEC devices and the pi1541.

The C64 FreeLoad will speed up your load times by up to 10X. It includes a custom Commodore DOS wedge with simple keystrokes for various disk operations like loading, saving and listing the directory of a disk. It also includes a memory monitor and various disk tools like disk copying, and a sector editor.


Simply plug in your C64 FreeLoad cartridge. That's it.

The C64 FreeLoad comes with a built in reset switch that will soft reset your Commodore 64 and a physical switch to disable the FreeLoad routines. This way, if you come across something that won't work with the FreeLoad cartridge, you can simply turn it off without having to remove the cartridge from your 64.


The C64 FreeLoad is fully compatible with the Epyx Fast Load. You can grab the Epyx Fast Load manual at the bottom of this page.

Here are some of the more commonly used features:

  • To list a directory, simple type $.
  • To load and run the first program on the disk (LOAD“*”,8,1), hold down the C= key and press RUN/STOP.
  • To load a specific file on the disk (LOAD“FILENAME”,8,1), type %FILENAME.
  • To read the disk drives error channel, type > or @.
  • To load the disk tool menu, press £.
  • To access the built in machine language monitor, press !.